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Transform Your Floors with Epoxy Flakes/Stone Coating. Create a Stunning, Durable, and Slip-Resistant Surface

Epoxy Flakes/ Stone Coating

Epoxy Flakes/ Stone Coating is a coating system which incorporates coloured synthetic crystal flakes embedded in a base coat and sealed with clear, solvent free epoxy resins for floor and wall applications.

FAST APPLICATION : Epoxy Flakes Coating is an ideal coating for application over existing ceramic floor tiles without hacking. Hence, providing faster completion for retrofit works, i.e. 1 toilet with average size of 4m² can be completed in 1 day.

HYGIENIC & HACCP CERTIFIED : Epoxy Flakes Coating does not support fungus or bacteria growth making it ideal for hygienic area applications. It is also HACCP certified making it safe for use in food processing areas.

EASY TO CLEAN : Epoxy Flakes Coating forms a non-dusting and seamless surface coating that provides easy to clean features as compared to conventional ceramic floor tile that normally presents cleaning problems due to the tile pointers.

DURABLE : Epoxy Flakes Coating provides a hard-wearing surface coating with good abrasion and chemical resistance. Its strong bonding to ceramic tiles ensures longevity and durable performance.

WATERPROOF : Epoxy Flakes Coating forms a seamless and watertight coating over existing ceramic floor tiles. Hence, it can be used as a solution for wet areas with existing waterproofing problems.

FINISHING : Epoxy Flakes Coating is a decorative surface coating available in different design patterns. As needed, it can also incorporate anti-skid finish.
ADHESION : Super high adhesion even to damp concrete substrates.